Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How to Convert PDF to Word on Android

Smartphone and tablet users know they can use their Android devices to complete some other activities and not just have fun playing games and scrolling Facebook news feed. Almost any kind of work or school related task can be completed on your smartphone or tablet, under condition you have a right app for that.

For instance, if you want to edit your old resume saved in a PDF format, or you want to reuse old business document or school paper, you can simply turn PDF into an editable file format such as, Microsoft Word. In order to convert a PDF to Word, you need to download this app here. It is free to download and there are no limits on the size of the file or the number of converted files.

How to use PDF to Word Converter

The starting screen of the app will look like this image below. As you can see the first thing you need to do is to tap on the plus + button and add a PDF file.
How to Convert PDF to Word on Android

After that you will be able to choose whether to add a PDF file that is stored on your phone or tablet, or to select a PDF you store somewhere in the cloud. The app supports Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and OneDrive. In other words, you can access those apps directly from PDF to Word Converter app, tap on the PDF file you need to edit, and the conversion will start.

As soon as the conversion starts, you will see a screen of the app with the PDF file on it, and under the file you will see the “File is Converting” notification. This is visually presented on the screenshot below.
How to Convert PDF to Word on Android

If you don’t want to pay the lifetime subscription to have fast conversions (get file in a few minutes or seconds), you can use the free version of the app and wait for the converted file for one hour.

It is important to say that the conversion technology is the same for both versions, and all users can expect high quality conversions. The only difference is the waiting time to get a file.

If your PDF is scanned, don’t worry, this app converts scanned PDF files as well. When the file is converted you can open and edit the conversion result which will be in the docx. format. Have in mind that you need MS Word or any other app that can view and edit .docx files.

With this app you can save time from making a document from scratch and reuse the old similar document.

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