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How to Register your blog on Yandex

Before providing tutorial How to Enrol Blog on Yandex tech blog will give a little information about what was Yandex. Yandex is a search engine or engines made in Russia as a search engine that dominates the country. Just as Google and Bing (Yahoo), Yandex also one of the big search engines that we can use to index the blog so that search engines Yandex could disseminate the article on our blog, and certainly it would be beneficial for the blog that we manage, especially in terms of SEO.
How to Register your blog on Yandex

How to Register your blog on Yandex

For those who want to register their blog on search engine Yandex, please follow the steps below.

1. Open site, click Add Site and click Sign Up

2. There, my friend who will register to create an account Yandex, please fill in the data form then click Register.

3. This will bring up a page with add site button.

4. Add the URL of your blog site, click add. After that comes the verification, select the meta tags, then copy the code and add code verification meta tag in the blog template just below the <head>.

5. Click Save the template and return to the site Yandex, click Check. Wait a while until the process is complete. After completion buddy will be taken to a page dashboard Yandex Webmaster.

6. Then select Indexing Options menu> Sitemap files. Add url url sitemap.xml sitemap format, for example:

The above tips had enrolled in the blog search engine Yandex, according to the tutorial How to Enrol Blog on Yandex May be useful for you thanks and share this post.

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