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What threatens the future of the web designers?

What threatens the future of the web designers? listening this type question many people thinking is it possible ? There are lot of web designer in the present world and here saying it's future is thread! Yeah, you have listening the right news though this sector will not vanish but some style of profession should be changed.

Technology advisors pointed some details about it lets see how web design career is under threat.

Web Template:

There are lot of free web templates in internet on the other hands if you buy a premium template you can use it in many web site after changing some design of the templates. If you have a little bit knowledge on web design then you can also customize a web template. Anyone with a little bit knowledge on html, css can design their own website. And joomla, wordpress, drupal many open source framework are also available to use for website. With these cms everyone can design a website with little programming knowledge. For this reason now people are going to be not interested to hire a web developer to design a website.

UX Designer

Facebook pages:

Many bussiness organizations have their official facebook pages, with these facebook pages they go too much near of their customer to promote their brand products. They can know easily reaction from the customer. When they see that their facebook pages is visited more then their website then they understand the importance of facebook pages and compare their website they take seriously facebook pages. So for popularity of facebook pages websites and web desingers are losing their popularities.

Use of Mobile Application:

Most of the internet users uses internet with mobile devices. For giving advantages to user many big services are available in mobile applications as example gmail, twitter, facebook, yahoo, bbc, mashable and many services are now in mobile application. People uses mobile apps and they don't need to visit sites they got every latest upadated news in the apps as notification. For this reason many people don't need to visit websites they got it from apps.

UX Design:

This is the time for ux design, every design is for making a better user experience. Now every organization is taking it seriously for giving the best experience to their user to keep them near. User Experience has taken the place of Web Design. Google, bingo and other search engines giving importance on ux design of website on search result. Now days you can't think a product of webs without user experience. All websites should follow is your sites can complete the demand of your user.

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What to do:

Hey web designers don't fall in frustation, now new thinking is needed so you should know that technology is always changing so you should just keep updated yourself. Just update yourself as a ux designer and its very easy for a web designer.

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