Monday, March 23, 2015

9 Best SEO Tips

The full meaning of SEO is search engine optimization, when we search anything in google or bingo or any other search engine we type something that words are called keyword and web masters uses SEO to show their website on first page of search engine.

Everyone want to get their website on the first page of google cause google is most popular search engine of the world. Now days it has been calculated that 95% visitor of a website come from search engine and you can get 5lacs visitor in every month.

best seo tips and tutorial

Now chek this 9 ways to get visitor from search engine

1. Don't copy paste content from another website if you do then search engines will block your website from showing on their search results. Always try to write good content.

2. Keep copy free content that will be seo friendly article.

3. Submit your article on High Page Rank Websites.

4. Choose Seo friendly domain for your website, if your website is related to wallpaper then you need to choose a domain where keyword is related as like wallpaperhd, wallpaperia etc.

5. To make best back link don't submit same article again and again that will take your site as a spamming site.

6. Don't buy any domain that was used in the past that can show weak links in search engine.

7. Don't publish any content that is published in many websites cause user has read that post.

8. Keep the content which is most demand for your visitor.

9. Make campaign for visitor that will help them to know about your site properly.

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