Thursday, December 21, 2017

DesignEvo Review: Create Logo Designs on Your Own for Free

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker that allows everyone to create logos on their own easily. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about design, DesignEvo has prepared everything for you. 3,000+ well-designed logo templates, millions of icons and fonts, various shapes and powerful editing tools. And with them, you will never worry about logo designs.

So now I’ll introduce you some highlights of it briefly. Here follow the bellow features of DesignEvo.

1. 3,000+ well-designed templates.
Do you have the experience that you don’t know how to start a logo and just sit in front of the computer for several hours? Do you hate to have the experience once more? Don’t worry. DesignEvo will solve the problem for you. They prepared 3,000+ delicated templates to help you with your logo design. If you have no idea what kind of logo to do, then let them inspire you.

You can find many categories there, including photography logos, gaming logos, sport & fitness logos and so on. They cover many styles such as simple logos, abstract logos, colorful logos, etc. Besides, all of them are fully customizable. You can adjust every element of them freely. Let's have a try.

2. Millions of icons and fonts.
Apart from many delicate customizable templates, millions of icons is another highlight of DesignEvo. Search for the theme you like on the editing page. There is a list of 20 popular keywords under the search box. You can click any of them and see if there is something suitable for your conception or just input the keyword. Choose a favorite icon and start your logo design.

There are many shapes and stylish fonts to decorate your icon to perfect the logo you need. You can adjust the position, size, color, background and so on. After finishing the logo, select a proper font to beautify your logo. After all, the slogan is very important for an effective logo.

3. Preview & output.
DesignEvo offers you a preview feature to help you check if the logo you’ve made before is right or not. With the unique feature, you’ll see your logo on a screen, on a T-shirt, on a book cover, etc. Thus you can make some change if there is anything that is not suitable for your goal, which can save your time and energy.

When you download the logo, the output will cover three types: jpg, png, png with transparent background. Select the suitable one for a specific occasion, and you’ll not need to design again.
DesignEvo online logo designer tool review

Watch this video how designevo works, In this official video of them they provided full details about their service and how to use this tool.

using smartphone, if you don't see the video here then watch it on youtube,

If you are finding an online logo maker that allows you to create unique logos for free, then DesignEvo is your right choice. You’ll never worry about the professional design skills with it because it is so simple that allows even a newbie to make a logo in minutes.

You’ll enjoy designing logos with DesignEvo. Let’s have a try, and don't forget to leave your comment bellow so that we can know it works for you.

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