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6 Amazing Web Design Trends

6 Amazing Web Design Trends Ever


6 Amazing Web Design Trends

New web trends become popular each year, but this year, web design has reached a new era. Web designs are now entering a more modern period and becoming even faster! More elements are being dropped out of layouts and a much more sleeker white looks is in style. As we abandon some old web design trends, we gain new and betters ones. It looks like web design is changing from its horizontal ( side to side) visual and we are going for a vertical type of web view. Read below the newest web trends that are making a great impact today.

1- The Split Screen Layout
Contrasting split screen layouts have become increasingly popular. These two standing rectangle shapes give a web visitor a double side perspective. A split screen gives a clear outlook and under-standing of what the web page is about. One one side it may display the image of an author and large h1 text and on the other side, it may show any products/services offered. The large head size makes it easy for the average person on a desktop or mobile device to read the exact message of the web page.

2-The One page Web Design
The one page web design is becoming one of the most user-friendly and preferred web design lay-outs of the year. The reason why? Well, there are 2 reasons why the 1 page web design is so popu-lar and liked. The first reason is because of its complete one page web design showcase. Unlike the multi page, the one page web design will display all of the most important parts of a website on one page. This provides a website visitor a very clear outline to understand what a company is about, what services they offer, and how to contact them. The second reason that the one page web design is so popular is because it is the ideal layout of what a mobile web design should look like. The one page vertical layout fits perfectly on mobile phones. It has a long scroll and navigates within its own page instead of going from link to link. This type of menu navigation on the one page layout alone is much more user friendly for mobile visitors because the mobile visitor won’t need to load any new links when clicking on another menu item. The one page design does have small SEO flaws, but these 2 positive factors of the one page design have put those flaws to the side.

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3- Mobile Web Design Standard
It is recommended that from now on all web designs are mobile friendly. These new mobile-friendly standards have come into play because of the majority of individuals using their cellular devices vs desktop computers. Before, web developers didn’t put much thought into creating web pages that were fit for mobile devices. This is one primary reason why most web pages in the previous years were left with fixed layouts and weren't responsive as today. For every change that occurs in society, we must always know how to measure up.

What are the 3 Ways to make your site mobile friendly?

1- Use Media Queries to make your fixed layout responsive.
2-Reduce the Javascript file count.
3-Increase your web font size.

4-UI Movements with Illustration
Rich Illustrations and UI Animations are the latest and greatest amazing web design trend of the year. These animations create a form of movement and often used to play out a digitalized story illustration. UI animations have proven to capture a website visitor and keep even longer on the web page.

5-Long Scrolling
Long scrolling is accompanied by the one-page popular web design. This vertical format provides that all company info ( about,contact,etc) are included all in one page. The long scrolling layout also provides a space for content to be written on the page. Great content on a web page will ultimately increase ranks in search engines. This new trend looks great on a full website showcase dis-play and it is pushing web design in a new vertical direction. The long scrolling is popularly complimented with the Parallax effect to make the long scrolling smoother.

6-White spaces
White spaces have pushed aside the carousel and double sidebars. The white spaces promote a modern look on a website. The extra distractions on a web page have been removed and the white spaces will emphasize focus and give the web visitor more clarity when entering the web page.

As web design changes, we can only keep up as much as we can. Use these 6 tips above to improve your web design for your business!

Web Design Quote of the Day:
“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – Or-son Welles
“Two tools to organize your online life - Cloud hosted desktop and SharePoint in the Cloud."

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