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Download Prisma for Android

Download Prisma for Android - Prisma is the new leading photo effect app that help you to generate photo with special effect. Forget about instagram photo effect, forget photoshop also forget picasa cause this is the time for Prisma only. Yeah prisma effect is already viral in all the social media. People from different countries started using this app and also sharing their best photos with prisma effect.

Prisma is ios app now it also available for android. Till few days ago prisma app was limited to ios user only but the official team of prisma now published their android version. So the door of Prisma effect is now open for android user too. And you know the popularity of android user so all the social media is now viral with prisma. People who use instagram already started to upload their photo with mention prisma tag as like #prisma.

Who Developed Prisma ?

A Russian developer Alexey Moiseenkov has developed Prisma App. Prism contains an interesting feature, When you take a image and use prisma app, it turns image into paintings. You will love to know that it includes the art style of famous artists like Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh. Prisma uses artificial intelligence to turn an image into painting/art.
Best Prisma for Android

Prisma user khairymercury said on instagram Beta testing for PRISMA. An application that transform your rubbish photo into a creative artwork with tons of artwork filters available to choose from. This app will be the next big thing since instagram.

Features of Prisma App:

Prisma app add photo filters and transform your image into eye-catching artworks.
Turn artworks or painting that look like handmad.
Art styles like, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Edward Munch and much more.
Also going to be the best app for sharing images on Instagram.
Filters available with Prisma is far better than Instagram filters
Lot of styles are available
Absolutely free to download and use.

Tonnes of features are available in Prisma app, more than 33 filters included on this app. You can select any effect to make a beautiful photo of you for a better editing you can use slider that helps you to control density of effects. If you love this android app then you can download prisma app.

Download Prisma For IOS 

For ios user you can say iPhone user click this link to download prisma for iPhonne. Here is the output if you use Prisma on your ios.
My Teacher Tahzib Tazim Sir, who used ios version of Prisma app

Download Prisma for Android

For andorid user click here to download prisma for andorid. Here is some output screenshot of prisma official version public reivews. Prisma App, Prisma Android Beta.
Download Prisma for Android

Download Prisma for Android

Download Prisma for Android

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Additional Information
File Size: 8 MB
Required Android Version: 4.0.3 and higher
Version : 2.0.1
Category: Free Photography App

More Information About Prisma App Free Download

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