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Introduction of Famous Marketplaces

Introduction of Famous Marketplaces - If you are going to start your online work as a freelancer you have to know, where you will work, the answer will be discussed today so that we all can know about all the marketplace where you can get freelancing works. These Market places are the favorite places for people who working at online. Many people search for "freelance job websites list". At first you need to know about Marketplace.

What is Marketplace?

Introduction of Famous Marketplaces
Online websites where buyers come looking for skilled people or freelancers. Again, people who are the freelancer, they entered to search for job on these sites. To hire a freelancer from many freelancers simply buyer select and verify someone who are eligible for his work from the marketplace. So marketplaces are linker between buyer and freelancers. Normally buyer pay to marketplace and then these payment is credited to the account of freelancer. These freelancers marketplace is based on the work of various types of categories and there is ratings system too. When freelancer get good rating for their job then these freelancers can choose to buyers as eligible for their work.

Freelance job sites list

There are several online marketplace. Different specifications, different types Marketplace. I will try to meet briefly discussion with some of these marketplaces. Future episodes will be posted in detail of all the market place.

Upwork is one of the most popular Marketplace. web address is The buyers post here with their work requirement and Freelancers bid to get the work. When buyers check these bid and then choose the best qualify freelancer for their work. Buyers here works in two ways. One is a fixed rate, another is hourly.

How to successful in upwork
- Properly describe about you on your Profile.
- Attend test and prove your skills.
- Make cover letter for bid.
There are some related site to 1. 2.
In the coming post on freelancing we will describe how to make money on upwork and how to get work on upwork easily.

In upwork buyer post their requirement but in fiverr its fully different and here freelancer post gigs about what service will they provide and buyer give order on these gigs. Gigs can be at least 5$.

How to successful in fiverr
- No bid required so don't worry about it
- Make gig with good keyword
- Promote your gig on social media that will increase sell

This is an online based marketplace in UK. Here buyer can easily offer for job and freelancer also can sell skill. You can buy anything from this marketplace and also sell that item there. PeoplePerHour also have opportunity to do fixed and hourly job for freelancers.
Marketplace Link:

How to successful on peopleperhour
- You can get many job in this marketplace
- The features of this Marketplace are very easy. You don't need other software to do hourly job.
- A lot of work and the appropriate remuneration can be found.
Freelance job sites list

99 Design:
This marketplace is perfect for those who know graphic design. This site is workplace for only graphic designer. In this marketplace, you can get order for business card design, logo design, website design, web button design etc. In this market place there is also opportunity to earn from design contest if you win. If you can win a logo design contest you can earn 300$ to 1200$ easily.
Marketplace Link:

How to successful in 99 design:
- Everyone can join on any contest, there is no difference between old and new member to join any contest and all have chance to win.
- A contestant can submit many designs as wish on a contest.
- For having the opportunity to meet the designs of other competitors its so easy to increase the design concept and quality.

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There are many websites of envato marketplace for freelancer and buyer.
for graphic designer- Graphicriver(
for web designer- Theme Forest (
Envato is place where you can earn for lifetime with your design if you got approved.

How to successful on envato:
- Don't copy and don't follow design from others it will disapprove your design.
- If your design is creative then it takes no time to start sell.
- To get more sell share your design link on social media and do some seo for it.

You can earn from small tasks. If you are totally new on marketplace then this marketplace is suitable for you. Very simple tasks can give you earning as like forum posting, sign up, mail subscribe, facebook like, facebook vote, twit retweet, click search, bookmarking, yahoo anser and a lot of small tasks are avaiable there.
Marketplace Link:

How to successful on Microworker:
- Apply on those that you can do easily
- Don't waste your time read carefully before you submit
- Do tasks properly to get feedback

This is an affiliate marketplace, you can get membership here and keeping products link from them on you website you can easily earn when visitor buy anything from your links. They have a lot of digital products as like Ebook, tutorial cd, software cd. More sell from you affiliate link you earn more.
Marketplace link:

How to be successful on clickbank:
- Should have knowledge on digital marketing
- Target client for buy from you link that is effective to increase sell
- Choose a low competitive niche site to start your sell
Click to succeed in the bank 3 Tips:
- If you know the best SEO and digital marketing sales will be higher.
- According to the marketing plan to target clients to determine if they can be found in more sales.
- At the beginning of the work is less competition in the niche is selling well.

Amazon is the biggest online store to sell products and it is the biggest sector in the field of affiliation. There are many shipping products too. All products you use in you daily life all can be found on amazon small to large everything is here. So you can make affiliation from all the products.
Market Links:

Before learning everything properly don't open your Amazon affiliate cause if you can't sell anything before 180days then your account may be suspended. Affiliate programs in order to create your own website, the website must to promote products at online.

How to be successful on amazon:
- Must know search engine optimization to take your site on first page of google
- Must to make blogging carrier
- Must have good skills in digital marketing
Affiliation is the biggest source for online income and there is no opportunity to work without the right skills.

There are also many kinds of marketplaces such as related to T-shirts, mugs and other gift products design.
Websites are:,
And there are also some marketplace where websites can be sold.

I discussed some of the famous episode in the marketplace. After each episode of each Marketplace that will be discussed fully with a lot of information and work sample by me.

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