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How to be a seo professional

How to be a SEO professional - The most popular media of this present world is online and online is full of information. What you are searching for just type and press enter there will be huge information that you want to get. Just think if you are looking for a training center to join a graphic design course then normally you type on google "graphics training in your country name ".
How to be a seo professional

What is SEO

SEO definition: The full meaning of SEO is search engine optimization and in this internet world the most popular search engine is google. When people search anything on google then it shows many result and you know people mainly click on first results that shows on first page. So if you can get ranked your site then you will have many visitor from search engine. Now you can say that the process which is used to rank a site on first page of search engine that is called search engine optimization (SEO).

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What is Search Engine

The information source where everything is found by searching that is called search engine. Google, yahoo, bing, ask are the most popular search engine. When you type something on these site's search box withing any word then you will get exact information with many relevant topic all the information with website links then when you follow the links then you get your desired info.

How search engine works
Search engines are created to find out information. Search engines are created with high programming and they are reserved with many web data to show you search results. A search engine select website to show for their user when a website is valuable and surving real info that user looking for.

Why Search engine
a) Every website get most of the visitor from search engine.
b) Many people don't know where to get necessary info then they search on search engine and get the necessary website links.
c) Information can get without paying that's why people use it mostly.
d) Search engines are giant repository of all information so peoples are most dependable on them.
e) For being popularity of search engine all company trying to marketing their products at online so they want to get rank on first page within targeted keyword and they hiring seo specialists.
How to be a seo professional

SEO as profession
Lot of marketplaces to work as seo specialist.
Do seo for your own website or blog to get visitor and earn money from online.
Freelancing outsourcing area have lot of demand of seo worker.
seo have many working sector as like forum posting, blog commenting, social media marketing and keyword optimizing on search engine.

How to be a seo professional

If you want to be a search engine optimizer then you know everything can be found on search engine so why you are not searching on google that is full of resources. You can see video tutorial on youtube. Not only SEO basics but also SEO advance tutorial available on youtube.

how to become seo certified

To be certified you can join on udemy or udacity premium courses they will provide you certificate after learning and there are also many free courses available on udemy to learning purposes.
How to be a seo professional

How to seo expert or seo consultant

Generally seo works in two ways onpage seo and offpage seo. If you want to be seo expert then you must learn these two methods properly. Before starting work you should make yourself experienced on
1) keyword research
2) use of html tag
3) content optimization
4) forum posting
5) blog commenting
6) directory submission
7) guest blogging
8) social media marketing
9) Learn how to use seo tools.
10) press realizing and many more things.

When you are seo expert then you can join on seo company where seo services are provided and then you will learn many seo techniques that were undiscovered to you before you join

You can earn money from publishing seo tutorial on your own site too when you are SEO teacher
and  to start professional seo services you should join on professional seo company that will increase your experience then build a seo professional resume and submit on marketplace you will be hire withing seo professional salary too much higher than you thought. You should read seo professional job description then you will learn what you need to learn properly.

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