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How to be a graphic designer

How to be a graphic designer - In Freelancing sector to learn graphic design is most interested subject from people around the world. Yes, a lot of opportunities to play with graphics. Market demand is only for good quality, a lot of designers there too. so learn to work after a long time of practice anyone can be a good quality designer. No one is born as designer. A practice that help everyone to be a designer. How to be a graphic designer at first know the earning sectors of it.
How to be a graphic designer

The earnings sectors for graphic designers

Design Competition:
There are a lot Marketplace of design contest to earn a lot. In these marketplace buyer to obtain the required design organize competition. That would be like taking part in the contest to design, then a designer get rewarded at the end of the specified time and amount may be from $300 to $1200 are awarded.
Most famous site for design competition is

Sell design online:
There are some Marketplaces, where you can lay your own designs. According to the design these designs are chosen by the buyer and buyer purchases those designs. A design can be sold more than one you can say many time so that is a designed to be sold many times and you are getting income sitting in the income when your design is approved by the authority of sell design online sites.
Most famous site for selling design is

Get work from bid:
There is few big marketplace where buyer post their requirement with explanation and freelancer designer bid on that post to get hired its called bidding. If you are new freelancer than you have to be stay with a strong portfolio.
Most famous site for get hired for graphic design works is

Income through the sale of gig:
In these type marketplace freelancers post about their services and these are called gig. Buyer read the gigs and order to get service. A freelancer can get thousand order from one gig. There is no bid option for freelancer so if you have creative power then you can make gig and easily get order.
Most famous site for selling your gig is

There are thousands of website to earn so you should try on trusted sites and this post included all the trusted sites you can check alexa ranking of these sites. If you can design gift item, dresses, poster, banner then you can sell online and earn a lot.

How to be a graphic designer detailed guidelines

People around the world search how to be a graphic designer without a degree that interesting people search to learn and there is many resources for free. Do you know about graphic designer income, a graphic designer can earn more than $1000 only for a single design so you should get skill first then think about earning in real life skilled people don't worry about income too. Today you will know how to be a graphic designer without school. In online there is a pdf book how to be a graphic designer without losing your soul this can be your teacher as its a popular book.

Step 1:
Find graphic design tutorial at online, read them and see if possible and you have time to watch videos. You can find the best source from youtube. Watch on youtube and complete minimum 5 Project it can increase your efficiency.
Most popular graphic design tutorial website:

Step 2:
You have to learn many things to be a professional graphic designer but spelling some special here check it bellow, so know what you should learn.

- Scaling, you must know how to make large and small images.
- How to texture and fill up with color on specific areas
- How to change photo color
- How to save photo with difference formats
- How to delete selected area of an image and how to remove background of images
- How to crop a photo, how to style outline and how to adjust
- Copy paste, drag, drop, duplication of images
- How make flip flop and angle rotation of images
- Learn image move and nudging matters
- How to create layer and make effect on image layer
- What color should use on any design
- How to make old and new style coloring of images with gray scale
- How to texture, shadow, posterize and special effect as like posterize, pixelize, emboss, blur, sharpen
- How to create border and scale
- Learn about background and foreground of a image
- How to create icon and logo
- How to create layout of a page how to create column
- How to style text bold, italic, underline and font change and make stylish

Step 3:
To make portfolio do some real project for totally free that will help you to get confidence.

Step 4:
If you have done step 2 and 3 properly and completed your learning then you have learn everything that you need now start to join contest though its hard to win a contest but you should join cause a contest can give you huge knowledge on graphic design skilled people and give you opportunity to make a relation with them.

Step 5:
Publish your design on some design sites or on your own blog.

Online graphic design work related things you need to be skilled

How to be a graphic designer

Business card design, flyer design, blushing design, banner design, image retouch, image manipulation, facebook cover photo, book cover photo design, stationary design, logo design, icon design, letter-headed design, t-shirt design, calendar design, product packaging, web template design, info graphic, apps design.

Most used software for graphic design:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe illustrator

Note: Search famous graphic designer and know about them and get daily dose from them.

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