Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Google Search Review

Google search review by a google user- People from all countries even where internet reached there google reached too, so you can say google and internet, these two things are together. Today I'm going to share about the search review that is top trend from google. Google show result with protecting many rules that you can't think. When there is some accident or terrorist attack or any news of sorrow then people from the whole world just search that and want to know more about that news. And you know every internet user is searching on google about many things on many ways. Few days ago in France there was an terror attack and more than 130 people died that is so sorrowful news for the humanity. So after the attack people from the whole world search on google typing What happened is Paris and they also search for Who were the Terrorists. So I think you got the idea of google search trends people search it.
Google Search Review By Tech Blog

The terrorist community isis is making hell on Syria that is main search point on google from america cause people of America always wants the peace and wants the safe life so many people want to know about the update of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Syria, Terrorism, United States of America this is the most searched keyword on google. Things that most need that are always searched on google.

For the business search user from America type to know about Petroleum, Cisco system and for the payment system they generally search Paypal, Netflix, Herbalife. Carbon disclosure project and textron general electric are also searched by the american people for business query.

Health related search are now also growing up from the whole world people of America mostly search about Cancer, Alcoholism, Organ Transplantation, Fibrosis, Yoga and Pregnancy. And the people from United Kingdom search for Pertussis, Analgesic, Virus, HIV, AIDS, Olfaction, Sleep deprivation, Autism, Hepatitis C. People of Russia similarly search for Nutrition, Obesity, Pharmaceutical drug, Novosibirsk.

For technological search people of Russia type Gameloft, Android, Mathmetical game, Geology. In the same time people from India search for Design system, Apple, Google Hangout, LG eletronics.

So after all we all who work with writing blog should know if you want to get instant visitor to your site just write about the present what is happening today.

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