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How to upgrade yourself web designer to ux designer

You have already know what is ux designer and what are the difference among a web designer and ux designer. If a web designer develop a website and a ux designer also design a website then what will be difference do yo know this ? You should know that they have same profession but some requirement is make them difference let's see something about it.

How web designer work:

A web designer get requirement and design with ordered and start coding. In that work to explore is limited, a web designer is just follow and take care creativity, visual design and etc.

How to upgrade yourself web designer to ux designer

Works of web designer:

Web designer design sites from psd to html directly without any research. After creating graphical interface design, work with colour scheme, work with photoshop or illustrator, design navigation, file preparation and html, css with javascript codes plugin design.

How ux designer works:

After getting requirement understand it what should do think about it. Takes user group test and behavior with sycological subjects these all things are important to research of a ux designer.

Works of ux designer:

At first ux designer create skatch/workframes, prototype, sample development, user position research, navigation elements, create sitemap and audit sites. Not only code with html, css and javascript but also work with content strategy.
You can say the advance level of web designer is ux designer. The world of specialization every works should done with expert. In the ocean of websites now no one is choosing sites as hobby everyone is taking it professionaly so get updated. Now all should understand that sites should be for targeted user and every pixel every corner and all content of your website should be for your user. With the needs of time and technology upgrade there is no another way without updating yourself.If you are a web designer then get skilled and be a ux designer.

How to be a ux designer:

There are a lot of resources on internet. Know and learn everyday and practice with research and visit every point of ux design you will must able to get  success.

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  1. Yes! Designer is a great job! Thank you for useful article! Many companies work with UX/UI now like Qubit Labs.


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